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My name is Fabrizio Mirone, I am an art director, copy writer and creative director.

I was born at the ropes of the volcano Etna, in the city of Catania.
After a long wander around Europe I have been staying in Milan for several years now. Music, n the sense of making music, is for me a reason for life, communication is even more, my work.


After my artistic maturity with a specialization in graphics at the State Institute of Art in Catania, followed by a degree at the European Institute of Design in Milan, I subsequently gained the opportunity to attend a course higher than the E. N.S.A.D ( Ecole national supérieure des art décoratif) in Paris. In the transalpine capital I worked several years collaborating as a freelancer and internally for some of the most important agencies in the city.

After some experiences around Europe in Barcelona and Rome, always as a freelancer, back in Milan I held the role of senior art director and creative director for some of the most important national and international communication agencies. I was recently involved in the design and launch of an innovative platform in the luxury tourism sector that saw my transfer of several months to Marbella, Spain

I worked as art director for the communication agencies Promotion Italia (J Walter thomphson), Kronomark & partners, Bestseller and as art supervisor for DDB/Rapp-Collins, Altavia Italia, Publicis, finally as Creative Director for Expansion Italia, Vasicomunicanti, inVentiv Health Italia, Quinto elemento and Bimyou. Over time I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on digital communication, especially that related to technologically advanced "tools" such as the artificial intelligences for Boostey digital transformation Lab.

I represented Italy in international competitions in London and other European cities. I have also participated as art director in several international shootings, such as in the United States and Ireland. I presented AIDA artificial intelligence at the Lisbon 2016 Web Summit.


In parallel with my activity in the agency I taught art direction and unconventional media at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Of the brands I've worked for, I mention among others: Volkswagen, Renault, Unilever food division (Knorr, Carte d'Or), Google, Nestlè, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Disney Pixar, Euronics, Vodafone, Wind, Campari, Martini, Ramazzotti, Bank Americard, CitiFinancial, Bayerische-Ergo assicurazioni, Giotto Fila, Original Marines, Poste Italiane, Laboratoires Garnier,, Vini Corvo di Salaparuta, Seat Paginegialle, Fratelli Carli, Condorelli dolciaria, Bticino, Pfizer, Zambon, Sigma-Tau-Avantgarde, Gilead, Daiichi Sankyo, Ipsen, Ibsa, Biotest, Abbvie.





I live the cross-media communication that works in technological media as an opportunity to exercise what I believe to be my attitude, being creative at three hundred and sixty degrees.


In fact, I would add that being a creative of my generation can probably add something in terms of strategic approach and creative strength.

Because without an "ON-OFF Line" creativity you are not only out of what the market requires, you lose a great opportunity for growth and real fun that our work offers.

Among others, I firmly believe in that form of modern communication called "advertisement" (advertising +entarteinement)

Curiosity has always pushed me to discover and learn. For this reason I worked indiscriminately both as an art director and as a copy writer. For this reason I am interested in all those technologies that can make a message more expressive and powerful, for this reason I have also dedicated myself to the communication on the point of sale, that of the so-called "last mile communication".

Of course, as it should be, I live from the creative's angle. That is, I will probably don't know the codes but I have a knowledge of the technological tools such as to allow me to design in a crossmedia way exploiting the potential of the various media themselves.


I can work alone or in a team, having developed specific skills decisive for both approaches (multifunctionality and transversality of roles in one case, Leadership, relational and organizational skills in the other). I tend to believe that, where possible, teamwork and contamination in general can provide added value to our work.


I use applications from the Adobe suite such as: Illustrator, Photoshop, In design, Acrobat, Adobe XD with complete mastery. I know "indirectly" (working side by side with other professionals) video editing and animation programs, Final Cut, After Effects, audio editing programs, Pro tools, Cubase, Studio Pro and those for the creation of content intended for the net, Flash, Dreamweaver etc.


In addition to Italian, since I am a native speaker, I speak in the order of familiarity: French, English and Spanish.



My motto, that recurs several times on this site, is: "a big idea and a lot of space around". Where the word "space" has a value that goes far beyond physical space. I am referring to the focus of communication that must be the concept, perhaps expressed through its visual player, all this except for particular exceptions where graphic design in its own right becomes the concept itself.



Everything that allows you to express yourself, at different levels, is my passion. Starting from music (I have several live albums behind me, recorded 5 albums and made a soundtrack for an independent film), up to writing, cinema and photography (as deductible from some "props" present in the photo above). I am also particularly interested in those scientific doctrines that investigate man and the origin of his individual and collective behaviors. I am referring in general to archaeology, anthropology and above all psychology, with particular attention to graphology.



Italian Delegate
to represent Italy
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4 Mediastar
• Best Print Campaign
• Best Promotion
• Best Social Campaign
• Best Graphic Design
1 Technical jury
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2 Mediakey
• Best Promotion
• Best Print Campaign
1 Unknown Award
A stranger who, chatting at the bus stop about my work, unknowingly cited a campaign that I had designed as an example of what makes him love advertising 
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